Double Cup Conversations: DJ Yung$avage

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Who better to kick off Double Cup Conversations? None other than DJ Yung $avage. Hailing all the way from Dallas, Texas, he’s one of the most popular Texas DJ’s known for his chopped & screwed mixes.

Because chopped and screwed music is such staple in the Houston community, I was shocked to find out that the popular DJ is actually from Dallas.

“Nah I’m from the Triple D. Man you already know!”

As most people may know “chopped and screwed” is one of Houston’s most prized possessions, with DJ Screw being the creator of the specific slowed down sound. He and the Screwed Up Click (SUC), freestyled on his mixtapes, and referenced the purple-hued drink so often that their music and their drug of choice become so closely associated. When Screw, just 29 at the time, died from what medical examiners said was an overdose of codeine – drank’s active ingredient – the connection between Houston and drank was set in stone.

“Some people be like, you be getting high or you drink before you do it? And I’m like nah I have to do it sober,” $avage said. “I really can’t concentrate if I’m not sober.”

Because chopped and screwed music is slowed down, $avage explained his entire process of creating his mixes. Making mixes can be time consuming. There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into chopping albums & mixtapes.

“You know really it ain’t too much too it, I gotta have a clear day where I don’t have too much to do. I just sit in one spot in my crib , and it takes about like 6 hours,” $avage said.

You would think since he mixes music all the time, he mostly listens to chopped music; which isn’t entirely untrue. I had to find out what a day-to-day music rotation looks like for him.

“I listen to everything. A lot of hip-hop of course, R&B, all R&B. Old school, 70’s music, Bobby Womack. It’s a little bit of everything, $avage said.”

Much to my surprise, $avage’s favorite rapper is actually Kodak Black. He said that people oftentimes get caught up in the appearance and the look of him, versus what he actually has to offer.

“Kodak Black. Yup. He’s really smart,” $avage said. “He’s really a poet, and he’s musically inclined. “

The Dallas native earned his stripes in the industry by being one of the best chopped and screwed DJ’s out right now. It’s one thing to be able to chop and screw music, but to be able to do it and be good at it, is different. So of course, I had to ask Yung $avage what artists influenced him as a DJ.

“Of course Screw, Fat Pat, Big K.R.I.T., Space Ghost Purp, not too many people know about Space. Back in the day he used to make chopped and screwed music. I heard some of his [SGP] work and I was like, I gotta do this, $avage said.”

Because $avage is most widely known for his chopped mixes, I decided to explore the differences in what he does, versus what other DJ’s do. Truth be told, $avage isn’t a huge fan of just DJ’ing “regularly.”

“Really because of the music that’s out right now, I’m not going to say any names, but I just don’t like it. It’s not as fun.” $avage said. “When I came up, you could drop Webbie in a party and all that shit. It’s not the same.”

DJ Yung$avage isn’t your typical party/club DJ. He brings a whole different vibe to the table. His chopped and screwed mixes give the music of today a very chill smooth vibe, much like his most recent event Brunch & Screw.

$avage is what many would consider a young vet when it comes to DJ’ing, and is truly passionate about not only his work, but music overall.

“If it takes off you know, that would be great. I’ve been doing it for about 6 years now,” $avage said.

Have you ever listened to your favorite artist chopped? DJ Yung $avage has got everything you could think of. If you want a new vibe, be sure to check out his website, he’s got everything from trap to R&B. DJ Yung$avage is truly a master of his craft. He’s got a lot of new projects cooking, so stay tuned. Check him out here!

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