Curren$y Spitta: The Mixtape King

Weed, Lowriders, Sneakers, & Mob Flicks.

The industry is infiltrated constantly with artists who sell themselves to their labels- making music that “the listeners want to hear.” In addition to that, we also have artists who constantly infiltrate the market with sub-par music, just to say that they’ve put something out. Spitta is the exception to the rule.

Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, there was a blueprint laid out for Spitta, to help him make it to the top, but yet- he still took a different route. His unsaid motto of remaining true to self can still bring forth success is not only evidence in how he dresses, but in his career trajectory as well. It’s easier to hustle and go get it when you’re living as your best possible self as well.

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Keep ya shoes clean….

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Defying all rules of quality over quantity, Curren$y’s discography surmounts many other artists who’ve been in the industry for as long, or much longer than he has. Each of Spitta’s projects-both mixtapes and albums each have a defining quality to them.

Back in 2016, my sophomore year in college, Spitta went on a mixtape run, dropping a tape every month at the same time like clockwork (I remember it like it was yesterday). And each project, a short EP with only a few songs, followed a thematic formula, each project being a cohesive body of work. Although each of these mixtapes wouldn’t necessarily be considered a “classic” per se, each of these projects, and past mixtapes have songs that still qualify to be in my regular rotation.

Outside of mixtape Spitta, album Spitta is still a force to be reckoned with. When we go back in time and take a look at the Pilot Talk Trilogy, Covert Coupe, Canal Street Confidential & Stoned Immaculate, our stoned friend has yet to miss the mark. Between mixtapes and full album rollouts, Curren$y does a great job with production- his work with DJ Drama and Alchemist are top tier. He also excels in collaboration- he’s made great songs with artists that span throughout the music industry.

On top of making great music, Spitta can be commended for never selling out, staying close to his roots (still living in New Orleans), and always making the music that he wants to make. His talent has been recognized by both Master P and Baby, having been signed to both music moguls labels.

Let’s not also forget- Spitta gracing the cover of XXL’s Freshman List back in ’09. He’s truly an artists that walks to the beat of his own drum, and he also makes fatherhood look pretty dope, (if I might add).

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I wonder if he takes me seriously…..

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Curren$y is truly a treasure to the hip-hop industry and should be valued as such. With over 50 projects under his belt, I hope that Spitta never stops releasing music. There’s still projects Curren$y has made that I have yet to listen to. Spitta managed to stay true to himself, and earned his company Jets International a deal as well. Still making it big and maintaining your integrity isn’t something all artists can say they’ve done. That’s G Shit.

We constantly revere Diddy and Jay Z for what they’ve done for the music industry, but Curren$y is truly someone who should be given more credit. We have a lot of moguls and artists that conform in order to make it to the top. I would never aspire to live or idolize an artist, but Spitta is living an ideal lifestyle.

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